This article discusses the scaling limitations for the widely used smart contract platforms Ethereum, Cardano and EOS. We compare the processing of smart contracts at layer one to RChain’s powerful concurrent computation model and describe how RChain achieves scalability.

A smart contract platform is a virtual machine whose state evolves as transactions are executed over time. A platform is decentralized, with each computer within a network maintaining a replica of the virtual machine (VM). A decentralized network, running multiple VM copies, provides the necessary security in the event one or more program instances fail or become malicious.

Ethereum was the…

Dappy is a first of its kind open source web browser and name system. It is a no-DNS system that has been built with a decentralized and zero-trust approach from the start. Dappy is getting ready for the launch of its mainnet, in cooperation with the blockchain platform it is being built onto

When is the main name system live ?

Right now two dappy networks are deployed, one on the RChain mainnet (betanetwork), the other on the RChain testnet (deltanetwork). Neither of them is the main name system, meaning that business and people can’t buy a real name right now. …

Dappy is a first of its kind open source web browser and name system that addresses at the same time the structural flaws of the Domain Name System, and the inevitable vulnerabilities of private corporations. It is currently being built and improved to unlock never seen levels of trust, accessibility and peacefullness for running a website on the internet.

Giant registrar gets compromised … again

GoDaddy headquarters

Around April 2020, many GoDaddy employees were tricked, and transferred ownership of over 6 targeted domain names to hackers. It was also disclosed this year (2020) that GoDaddy was compromised and exposed 28.000 domain names to the same vulnerabilities in 2019…

Dappy is a first of its kind no-DNS and no-CAs web browser, it works hand in hand with a blockchain platform. The dappy system is a decentralized alternative to the regular web, it allows for new kind of web applications being built and used by human beings and corporations.

Dappy browser source code is now publicly accessible and auditable. Future developments will also be published on github.

A guide for running, building and packaging the software has been published with the codebase. Few dappy community members have already successfully started playing with the codebase.


Special thanks to…

Settings / networks section in Dappy browser

Why is there another network ?

Prior to the release of Dappy browser 0.3.3 there were two Dappy networks deployed, and they were both called betanetwork. One betanetwork was connected to RChain testnet and the other to RChain mainnet. It means that you had to use the same address notation for both : betanetwork/bob for example.

It often caused misunderstanding, we did not know if this application, or this name was to be accessed through the betanetwork testnet or betanetwork mainnet.

Dappy browser 0.3.3 now references two networks. The betanetwork mainnet stays the same, and the betanetwork testnet becomes deltanetwork.

Lots of dapps deployed on the…

Dappy is a blockchain based web applications distribution network, and a browser that implements the associated protocol. In contrast with legacy web browsers, Dappy browser includes by default high protection and strict policies with respect to what a web application is allowed to do, which servers it is allowed to reach. In this article we will explain how it works, and why it is a much more secure way to distribute web applications on Dappy rather than legacy web.

To facilitate the understanding of this article, you may want to get familiar with dapps and IP applications, the two main…

This article aims to describe two elements that are fundamentals in the Dappy ecosystem; dapps and IP applications. Dapps and IP applications can be compared to websites or web applications in legacy web. A website is a HTML document, loaded from a remote server, eventually it points to other files like images, CSS code and javascript code.

Dapps and IP applications are like websites, but they rely, to some extent, on the Dappy network, on the other side, they have fewer dependencies on centralized services that the web is currently built on.

Note: IP applications and dapps are already available…

Dappy 0.2.8

We are pleased to announce the release of the Dappy beta network and Dappy beta browser. These new releases are the result of many months of technical work connecting Dappy to the RChain platform mainnet.

The Dappy beta network will have a minimum maintenance period of 6 months.

These releases include all features described in previous articles and announcements. The Dappy beta network is the first platform of its kind.

Feature set:

  • Blockchain powered file uploads and downloads. (File size is limited due to current network capacity).
  • Simple encrypted blockchain wallet
  • Blockchain powered web application browsing (dapps): dapps do not…

Dappy is a decentralized distribution network for files and web applications. Its goal is to be an open platform through which people or companies can distribute files or link a name to some private server. Dappy does not use the DNS system nor certificate authorities, it does the same job, but the service is performed by a decentralized network instead of centralized services. One of the problem the DNS has, and one of the reason we developed Dappy is to greatly reduce the risk and the exposition to DNS hacking and phishing any website today has. …

In this article, I’ll explain why dapps (decentralized applications) are not decentralized in the current state of how they live and are distributed.

Picture of a dapp loaded on a laptop’s browser (

First of all, let’s define a dapp, a dapp is an application that is executed and/or stores some data partially or entirely on a public distributed ledger (for example cryptocurrency wallet myetherwallet, or the trading platform are dapps). This definition raises few concerns immediately.

Is it possible for a dapp to run on a blockchain platform and depend only on a blockchain platform to exist and be used ? The answer is yes, of course, a…

Raphaël — Fabco

Building blockchain/web of trust solutions for businesses and people. Building/crafting Dappy, a solution to deploy and distribute fully decentralized wep apps.

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